On 13 March, the first case of Covid 19 in Kenya was announced and on 15 March 2020 the president announced that the country will be on lock down. This has led to restrictions of travel, closure of schools and higher learning institutions, closure of businesses and public gatherings and encouraged working from home. As a result of this so many people lost their jobs and others were sent home on unpaid leave.

Families already struggling were in a much worse situation due to Covid restrictions. Lots of these families are single parent families and orphaned children who have followed our mentorship program.  Food Packages were delivered door to door and others were collected at the schools which  some of our girls attend. The donated packages  included essential foodstuffs such as corn flour, sugar, tea etc., a health information pack, sanitary towels and face Masks.

The support for the girls and their parents was for 3 months,  from August to October 2020 respectively. This was only possible through the generous support of the Contribute Foundation.


  • We supplied 1800 beneficiaries with dry foodstuffs, fresh vegetables,detergents and sanitary towels within the 500 households in August and September.
  • Successfully passed 1000 copies of health information and advice on how to stay Covid-19 free, How to protect themselves and others. This information was given as a demonstration in English and  Kiswahili respectively.
  • We Supplied 3 masks per household for 500 families totaling to 1500 people who were issued with the face Masks for two months and trained on proper use.
  • Providing food packages led to a reduction of stress and therefore a more  peaceful coexistence.
  • The feeding program helped to reduce gender-based violence in the homes. A lack of food security and unemployment are a huge factor in the incidence of gender- based violence in the slums.
  • We restored hope to families who have been suffering due to a lack of food..
  • We supplied women and girls with sanitary Towels which are vital when they can rarely afford this luxury. We gave instructions at the same time, to the younger girls on how to use them. Girls are forced to use pieces of cloth which have to be washed and hung out to dry. Girls cannot go outside their homes for fear of blood stains on their clothing and they do not attend school during their periods for  this reason. By providing sanitary towels, we are giving girls the  possibility to go about their normal lives knowing that they have sanitary protection and raising their confidence and self esteem. 

We realise that feeding schoolchildren helps them to stay in school and receive an education. We will continue to provide a breakfast in the future if funds allow because hungry children are less able to learn.