The Mathare Girl Power Project (MGPP) was established under the name of Fiona’s Salon Initiative in 2013 with 5 girls who were rescued from child labour in the Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya, with support from Mrs Fiona Weijkamp Sims ( the Netherlands) and Mrs Maqulate Atieno Onyango ( Mathare, Nairobi ) We have started with a small hair dressing salon where girls can learn this trade and gain skills to enable them to earn a living as hairdressers. This is a small scale venture which is working well for the girls involved.

Our aim is empowerment of girls who are dealing with poverty and the physical and social problems bought on by having been born into poverty.We feel it is important to conduct health and peer education programs for the empowering and improvement of support for vulnerable girls and teenage mothers. We provide support for those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, orphan girls, and teenage mothers. (In other words, youth in need of care and protection,) Our aim is to enable sustainable livelihoods through Coaching, Mentorship and Education. The Mathare Girl Power Project also works on preventing child abuse and violence through conducting workshops and advocacy sessions. Also to help prevent the spread of HIV/Aids in the same manner and empowering young members of the community. Mathare Girl Power Project is a Community Based Organization (CBO) registered under the laws of Kenya, with a certificate of incorporation and CBO. These enable individuals and communities to provide support towards vulnerable girls in acquiring valuable life skills.