It’s 2017 and we want to wish all our girls in Nairobi and our families, friends and donators a healthy, happy and successful New Year.
We hope that this year will be a generous one for our project.
Our hopes and dreams for the girls in Mathare can only become reality due to the generosity of others.
It would be wonderful if we can raise enough funds to buy our piece of land, where we can lay the foundations for our school. This is our main goal for this year, along with maintaining and providing funds for the Salon and providing career opportunities to the girls learning and working there.
We will be exploring different options for fundraising and assessing which methods work best for us. We will also be consulting with experienced fundraisers who can give us advice and tips to help us become more successful this year. And we will keep you all informed of our fundraising events and news via the website and facebook pages.
So watch this space throughout the year and help us where you can, to make this our best year yet.
Lots of love from. Fiona, Maqulate, Saskia and Elly